The Growit Vision

Do you know where your agency is heading? Are you satisfied? There will be new challenges every time you scale (from one to ten, ten to 25 or more than 25 businesses). Maybe you're completely satisfied; you regret nothing. Maybe you wish you could have done something differently. Either way, we want your input in the form of a list that will help you get better as we move forward. Can you think right now about one item that would help you increase your business's future success?


Employees are the lifeblood of an Inbound Agency. How many employees does your agency have? How are they organised? Evaluate the average wages for Inbound Marketing consultants, trainees and interns. How do they compare to yours? What's the workplace culture? What can you do to improve your employees' connection to the workplace? GrowIt can help you get these answers by creating an affordable employee growth strategy for small businesses, which includes recruitment and training, and will help you understand what happens behind the scenes.


It’s impossible to keep track of everything your customers say about you. You can, however, check your online reputation and gain the loyalty of your team members, which will help you measure the success of your business. Do you regularly get client reviews? Is there room for comments, ratings or feedback? GrowIt can help you identify areas that need improvement.


Why are people buying your services? Are they recommending them to others? What do they think about your agency? Why are people not buying your services—especially those who inquire but don’t purchase? Which questions do you get frequently asked about your product or service? Which features get the best response or reaction? Which ones are not doing well? Do you know why?


Is your experience as an entrepreneur what you had envisioned? Which new tasks have been a pleasant surprise? Which ones are you not liking as much? What are the sources of anxiety and joy? What is it like to manage yourself?


There's nothing more important than generating qualified leads. Period. Ask your agency to look at the leads you’ve acquired. Have they increased or decreased? What can you do to continue to grow or reverse the decline?


Ask your agency to compare products or services against the competition. This challenge is a great way to set realistic goals. Matching your services against other businesses is paramount to stay on top of trends and keep your customers satisfied with what you have to offer.


Loyal customers are a business’s best friend. They bring in referrals and continuously contribute to profits. Hence the importance of paying attention to your retention rate as a measure of success. What's your average contract value? This number can help you calculate your lifetime value. Our financial expert will point you in the right direction to understand the right metrics.


If you're not converting leads into clients, your business is losing a lot of opportunities. Many inbound agencies have conversion rates of over 10% and closing rates of over 80%. Once you understand how to increase your conversion rate, you'll be able to see how successful your business is. One of the Growit team members can help you improve your website, customer base, and reputation.


Is there one customer that takes a large portion of the sales volume? If so, could your business survive without this client? Growit can help you get a larger customer base, so it's easier for you to survive a loss. If your business exists to serve a single client, the loss could be catastrophic.


Are your customers the ones you had imagined? How are they different? How do they learn about you and how do they share information? How does your product or service solve their problems? What's important to them? When you learnt more about them, what surprised you?


Do your customers think your offer is better than that of the competition? What are the emerging trends in your market? Are you aware of market changes over the last 12 months? How much do you have to educate customers about your market? What are the stereotypes and misconceptions about your market?

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