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logo-diamond-colorWe worked with IDS Agency - an Inbound Marketing Agency in Chile who helps businesses grow with Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales, and are delighted to share the awesome feedback by Ranya Barakat - Co Founder & Chief Business Development Officer. 

We have worked closely with Ranya and her husband Ismail aka "Izzy" who have both founded the business and the results speak for themselves.


Challenges before working with Growit Group

  • Hiring staff 0 (1)
  • Energy 
  • Culture was falling apart
  • Too fast growth

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you need to work with a coach or consultant?

Ranya: "when we fired our biggest client so we could start over."

What were the top reasons you decided to work with Growit?

Ranya: "I attended a talk at inbound by Clodagh, and she said - dont chase the hubspot tiers, those words rang in my ears everyday, she was in Europe - so new perspective - she knows Inbound because she worked at HubSpot, she knew agency life because she ran her own agency."

Fun Fact: 1 year ago we interviewed Ranya & Izzy on our very first episode of our Agency Life podcast. Press play to listen.

How has it helped you overcome the challenges you had before working with Growit?

R: We won partner of the year and customer first 2019, after going through a crashing Q1 & Q2. our eNPS is 75 :-)

What was your favourite part of working with Growit and why?

R: Connecting the pieces of the puzzle together, each chapter was a core element, and each one cant work without the other - it was like undoing all the knots - which from a curly head means a lot!!!

What was the most positive part of working with Clodagh?

A: She had the solution to everything, like Mary Poppins

What Is the single biggest reason you would recommend working with Growit Group?

Always be learning, and Clodagh is an incredible coach that adds value at every step of the way.

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