Real stories from People in the Marketing Technology Industry  about their journey, their successes, failures, the people in their company, the highs and lows and everything in between of this crazy roller coaster ride called "Agency Life".

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We chat about

On this episode of Agency Life we chat with Sharon Koifman - Remote President at Distant Job. Sharon has 18 years of experience.

  • Sharon has been building companies for 18 years
  • Why you should not treat your freelancers as people who are outsourced
  • How distant job started and what it is
  • Why remote work is the future
  • How teamwork and culture are linked
  • Writing a book in lockdown
  • Why employees are more productive working remotely
  • How working from home saves so much money
  • Being transparent with your people
  • What top businesses with remote employees are doing right.
  • Working with international people - treat them well and like full-time employees
  • Finding the best and the smartest people to work with
  • And much much more...
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In this episode, we chat with Nic Sal who is VP of Agency Services at Media Junction.
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In this episode, we chat with Lysa Miller who is the Co-Founder & President at 3 Media Web.

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S3 Ep63 Instagram (1)
On this weeks epiosde of Agency Life, we chat with Billy Cina who is the Co-founder & CEO of Marketing Envy. 
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