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Core Values . . . one of the secrets to success in your Digital Agency

Firstly, what do we mean by Core Values?

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[Podcast] Agency BackStage Pass - EP2 Craig Wiltshire - Struto

Another back episode of Agency BackStage Pass today and our interview with Craig Wiltshire from Struto

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"The problem with young people is . . ." Let's talk about the generation gap in your Digital Agency

I am not able to count the amount of times I have had Digital Agency owners say to me . . . "the youth of today  . . . " followed by a list of perceived problems that they feel they have their their team ranging from punctuality, work ethics and communication flaws. The list is endless. Yes there are differences between the generations but instead of fighting it we can harness these nuances and learn to work better, together.

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Striking a balance between Transparency & Oversharing with your team as a Digital Agency Owner

As an agency owner, your energy is very important. You also need to be aligned with your thoughts, words and actions, so it is important to be open with your team. If you have had an argument at home you are not to bring your bad mood with you to the office, you can’t fake it either, people can pick up on this and we don’t work in a world anymore where, because you are the owner of the business, you get to “have a bad day”.

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[Podcast] Agency BackStage Pass - EP1 Bob Ruffolo - Impact B&D

Going back to the beginning of Agency BackStage Pass today and our interview with Bob Ruffolo from Impact B&D

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[Agency High Five] Greg & Owen from Concentrate, Christchurch, New Zealand.

One of the best moments I had this year at Partner Day in Boston, was getting to see Greg from Concentrate in New Zealand share his tips on specialisation with other agency owners. 

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Your employees don't need you . . . but you need them.

There are plenty of jobs in the digital marketing world today and skilled employees can choose to work full-time, part-time, onsite or remotely.

The world has changed, the "job for life" mentality is no longer there, people can choose to work for a few years then take some time off to travel and still resume work at the same or a level above if they are good at what they do. 

As a Digital Agency owner this can be a challenge for you to find and retain top talent for your business.

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A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency Book Launch

I'm delighted to announce today the launch of my book to help Digital Marketing Agency Owners grow and scale their businesses. 
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What a feeling . . . one week until Inbound 2018 !

I can barely contain my excitement . . . in a week we will be in Boston for the event of the year - Inbound 2018 

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[Book Review] Accelerating your Agency - Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk exclusively helps marketing agency owners to grow and scale their agencies faster by walking them through his proven agency systems. These are the exact systems he developed in order to grow his own multi-million dollar agency that he sold a few years ago.

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