You cannot build or scale a successful agency without a solid foundation.

Did you know . . . 

If you lose a salaried employee it can cost as much as twice their annual salary.*

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.**

Make 2020 the year you help your business to stop losing staff, clients, time & money by uncovering your gaps & fixing them once and for all.

Each Agency Audit Includes a comprehensive review of the following Six Pillars of your business:

Agency People 

Review of your current recruitment and on-boarding strategy for your agency, fix gaps and give you a training calendar to help employees get up to speed and establish training plans for your team.

Agency Strategy

Which way do you want to grow your agency, in size, revenue or profit? Do you have the right people in the right seats? We will help you review the way you have structured your team to ensure it is set up to achieve your growth plans.

Agency Growth 

Look at the numbers you are reporting on in your agency and we will give you direction on how to forecast sales targets, uncover when it is a good time to hire new people, set an agency dashboard example to show you how to set up your financials so you are reviewing the right numbers at the right time.

Agency Services

Full review your processes and procedures of the delivery team, how do your sales and services teams align? Review your client services meeting agenda along with how you manage your accounts.

Agency Marketing

Audit your current marketing strategy and advise on the direction for the coming year so that your efforts support your growth goals.

Agency Sales

Review your current sales process and advise on how to improve the way you sell so you can hit your revenue goals.

Fix the problems in your Agency & prevent new ones.


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* Employee Retention 2019 Report

** Customer Retention Marketing

Clodagh Higgins Lilac Woods Nov 2019

Meet Clodagh S.Higgins

Agency Coach & Consultant

IMPACT's Preferred Agency Consulting Partner

Clodagh is an ex-Hubspotter, now Agency coach and consultant that has owned her own Digital Agency for 8+ years in Sydney & Dublin. She has worked with over 500+ agencies helping them grow and scale their businesses she knows the formula successful agencies have and works with her clients to help them grow.
She is the author of A Happy & Healthy Digital Agency and hosts a weekly podcast, interviewing Agency Owners about the highs and lows of running a professional services business, Agency Life.
Clodagh believes that Agency owners can have the profitable business of their dreams, with an expert team that is happy, while getting great results for their clients.